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The Lost Civilization Enigma

Author: Philip Coppens Genre: Non-fiction  Review: This is a well research book that provides stories of archaeological finds and the dogma that archaeologist face from their own science community. Most of…

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Author: Rachel Hartman Genre: Fantasy POV: 1st person Format: Audio Summary: Four decades of peace have done little to ease the mistrust between humans and dragons in the kingdom of…

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Sunday Post

Books Review The Dead Gentlemen by Matthew Cody Siege and Strom by Leigh Bardugo Graphic novels review You Can’t Just Kiss Anyone by Marzena Sowa The Adventures of a Japanese…

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The X-Files: First Season First Impression

This is a new series that will be added to the blog. Even though I don’t like watching TV shows. The reason being that shows has to not only grab my interest but hold it for as long as possible. For me to watch all the season of a show from beginning to end is something.
The first season of The X-files have me hook.

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The Blazing World: Movie review

Decades after the accidental drowning of her twin sister, a self-destructive young woman returns to her family home, finding herself drawn to an alternate dimension where her sister may still be alive.

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The Promise Neverland Anime

In an orphanage the kids have the best life they could ever have. A dark secret is discover by the older kids that changes everything. Now it a race against time to get everyone to escape.

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The Dead Gentleman

Author: Matthew Cody Genre: Steampunk, Action, Adventure POV: alternates between 1st and 3rd person Summary: Attention, thieves, scoundrels, and fearless adventures. The Dead Gentleman is a wild ride between parallel…

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Crowded Vol. 1 Soft Apocalypse

Author: Christopher Sebela Artists: Ro Stein  (Artist),Ted Brandt (Artist), Triona Farrell (Color Artist), Cardinal Rae (Letters) Summary: Ten minutes in the future, the world runs on an economy of job shares and apps, while…

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Siege and Storm

Author: Leigh Bardugo Genre: High fantasy Review of Shadow and Bone Summary: Hunted across the True Sea, haunted by the lives she took on the Fold, Alina must try to…

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The Sunday Post

I made another blog. Don’t panic Got your towel? Good. I am not going anywhere. I just created a second blog called The Haunted Archives. If you look through my…

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Stacking the Shelves

I got some books to show off. First I went to a thrift store and find some horror books. There was a lot of John Saul’s books (has anyone heard…

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Radius: movie review

Genre: Sic-fic, Thriller Rated: Not Rated…😕??? Year Release: 2017 Directors:  Caroline Labrèche, Steeve Léonard Summary: Upon wake up from a car crash a man doesn’t remember who he is. He…

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Firestar’s Quest

Author: Erin Hunter Genre: animal, fantasy Age: MG Summary: There have always been four clans in the forest. No, there are five. Firestar had been having dreams of strange cats…

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Crookedstar’s Promise

Author: Erin Hunter Genre: fantasy POV: 3rd person limited Summary: From a young ages Crookedstar dreams of being clan leader. A mysteries cat visits his dreams and promise he can…

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Yellowfang’s Secret

Author: Erin Hunter Genre: fantasy POV: 3rd person limited Summary: Follow the story of Yellowfang’s life from a kit to a medicine cat. This is not just the whole backstory…

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The 39 Steps: movie review

Genre: Thriller Year of release: 1935 Director: Alfred Hitchcock Summary: Richard Hannay is a Canadian visitor to London. At the end of “Mr. Memory’s show in a music hall, he meets…

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Tiger: The five ancestors

Author: Jeff Stone Genre: Martial arts also known as wuxia Summary: Cangzhen temple is destroyed and all the monks are dead say for five young warrior monks. Each the youngest…

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