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The Adventure Zone Vol one. Here There be Gerblins

Based on the podcast by Clint McElroy, Griffin McElroy, Justin McElroy, Travis McElroy,

Adaptation by Clint McElroy & Carcy Pietsch

Artist: Carcy Pietsch

Genre: Fantasy, Humor

Review: A bunch of newbies get together and play Dungeon and Dragons. The Dungeon master keep interrupting them with sarcastic advise like: I fill a dungeon with creatures and you fight them that the point.

This is base off a podcast on some guys talking about playing D&D. Which is nicely adapted in to a graphic novel story. I like how each character’s humor plays off each other. The bosses are really…something.

The visual story telling is done well. By being shown this I know that these characters are close friends and newbies at D&D.

The art style has earthen colors in the background. Making light colors of purple, pink, and yellow stand out more.

There some guy humor that didn’t fly well with me. Although I like this book. Reminds me of Rat Queens expects this is way better. Rat Queens is garbage btw (don’t get me started).

I’m never play D&D. One of the Discord server I was on was starting a campaign. I created a character and everything for it yet it never happen.

Have you played D&D? Do you want to read this book?

Let me know by leaving a comment.

3 thoughts on “The Adventure Zone Vol one. Here There be Gerblins

  1. I’ve never participated in D&D although I have younger family members that love it! I know what you mean about guy humour…. Have a great weekend!

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