Book Reviews

Crookedstar’s Promise

Author: Erin Hunter

Genre: fantasy

POV: 3rd person limited

Summary: From a young ages Crookedstar dreams of being clan leader. A mysteries cat visits his dreams and promise he can be clan leader if he promises to be loyal to his clan above all else, only to lose everyone he loves.

Review: Like Yellowfang’s Secret and Bluestar’s Prophecy; Crookedstar\’s Promise fallow the life of Crookedstar.

Plot: I feel like this story move faster. Perhaps it due to reading Yellowfang and Bluestar that the format is the same in each story. It not necessarily bad, all three cats make different choices. Take Bluestar and Crookedstar for example. They both become leader according to their own choices and life experience. Bluestar know Thistleclaw is too reckless and is seen as a threat to the clan. She makes the hard choice giving up her kits.
Crookedstar unknowingly made a promise with a dark forest cat, Mapleshade. (I guess the wrong cat). With that promise it drives him to put the clan before himself losing everyone he loved.

Characters: Crookedstar is mentioned in the main series but, he is not in the spotlight like Bluestar and Yellowfang. However not completely in the background. His brother Oakheart’s and daughter Silverstream tie him to Thunderclan and Fireheart. This make Crookedstar a interesting character to want to know his life and how he became who he is when Fireheart joins Thunderclan.

When I read Omen of the Stars the dark forest felt like it came out of the blue as a plot device. Crookedstar’s Promise show that there been cats in the dark forest way before Tigerstar.

The Erin Hunters dig deep into these characters, connecting all their stories together. Creating a world of great story.

To me the characters are the heart and soul of a story.

Great writing helps you feel like you’re by the character side and getting lost in their world. Great characters shaped the story to their will and give you a reason to come back to that world.

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