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Designing my Prefect Wedding

Hosted by Long and Short Reviews

This week topic is design your prefect wedding.

Consider I’m not married yet. I guess I can plan out my wedding to some unknown man I have yet to meet. I’m not a big party person. So my wedding will not invite a butch of people or have a big wedding cake.

I will have a small outdoor wedding. Where I can walk down the aisle barefooted. I don’t want a big puffy white dress. Just a nice summer dress. Instead of a vile, I will wear a crown of flowers and I will carry a boutique of sunflowers. Since I may not have any guests, I will hire a professional photographer.

None of my relatives would be shocked that I would have a wedding like this. I have been called a hippie by quite a few people (perhaps it’s the way I dress). My mom jokes that I’m going to give my kids hippie names. Just to humor her, I might.

The in-laws would be surprised. Hopefully, I will marry a guy that likes the outdoors as much as I do. He will be sweet, kind, and funny; likes old movies, music, and books.

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  1. Professional photographer is the way to go! Mrs B and I hired an acquaintance to do our wedding photos and it was the one thing we both wish we had done differently for our wedding.


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