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You can’t just kiss anyone you want

Author: Marzena Sowa

Genre: Historical-fic

Summary: Set in east Europe after WWII behind the iron curtain. While watching a propaganda film a boy try to kiss a  girl setting a ripple effect in which everyone is force to be question. 

Review: The story highlights the ripple effect one small action can cause trouble  to so many people. Under the regime you can think thoughts you want to, but you can’t say them out loud. When someone is being question the snowball effect cause kids to adult to turn on each other. 

The kids are shown to be naïve of what going on and the adult are on edge for their lives. A lot of what happing is psychological fear knowing that themselves or someone they know might “disappear”. That is the nature of corrupt power and control is to keep everyone in fear and thinking for yourself. It why knowledge and freedom of opinion are oppressed.  

The art style has this 60s or 50s old style to it. The color scheme used is a mostly brown background and dark shades of colors such as blue and green to give it a winterly feel. 

In a society where you can’t say the “wrong opinion” or else loss your livelihood sound strangely familiar…

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