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Adventures of a Japanese Business Man

Author/Artist: José Domingo

Genre: fantasy

Age: Adult

Summary: The story is yours to create.

Review: The graphic novel is made up with nothing but pictures. Kind of like a choose you own adventure only you have to make up what is going on in the story with only the picture to guide you. 

The pictures are wild. There is so much going on in them. Usually, a graphic novel that has a lot going on can get flooded and overwhelming. Adventures of a Japanese Business does not feel like that at all. The detail pictures make up for the lack of words. 

The main character is thrown into this adventure Meeting supernatural creatures and ending up in weird situations. There are few frames that establish the MC day to day life. 

Adventures of a Japanese Businessman is one heck of a ride. All you need is

a little imagination to get the story going. 

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