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Crowded Vol. 1 Soft Apocalypse

Author: Christopher Sebela

Artists: Ro Stein  (Artist),Ted Brandt (Artist), Triona Farrell (Color Artist), Cardinal Rae (Letters)

Summary: Ten minutes in the future, the world runs on an economy of job shares and apps, while crowdfunding has evolved into Reaper: a platform for assassination that’s trickled down from politicians, celebrities and CEOs to everyday life and all its petty resentments. A world where anyone with enough backers and the money they contribute can kill anyone else.

Review: This is a lot like The Hive. Instead of committed “wrong think” online and having different levels of punishment where people go after you. this is a straight up crowd funded campaign where people try to kill you and the reward is how much money is funded.

Via and Charlie have this dueling opposite personality to each other type of dynamic. That always makes for great tensional and comedic moments. Crowded hits the nail on the head when delivering these moments. Charlie is a highly energetic outgoing person. Well, Via is cold and wants to be left alone. Her tone towards Charlie is, I’m allergic to high energetic outgoing people. Later on, Via does grow attached to Charlie.

I haven’t even started talking about some of the bounty hunters. Not to give anything away, I will tell you they’re quite a zany cast. I would say that some of them don’t make much of an appearance. They come off as set up for later in the series.

The action keeps ongoing. When there is downtime the tension of trying to short out personal things hangs in the air. There is a lot of mystery surrounding both characters. Mainly the story focus on the mystery surrounding Via. Once some of that get clear up the story turns to Charlie. How in the hell did she end up having two million dollar campaign for her head. It turns out to be not because she is a crappy friend but, something more sinister. Then again knowing Charlie is established as a character is going to be something ridiculously hilarious. I could be wrong in that.

The art style reminds me of the art style of Squirrel Girl comics. Like the characters from that comic, the character designs are drawn with round and smooth bodies. However, the difference is in Crowded there are more users of lines and shading.

Crowded Vol 1: Soft Apocalypse is a fun story that focuses on the story and characters. It does not shoehorn in mutual characteristics and check checkboxes to push an agenda. Something the book community is tone deaf too. I read books to read books. I don’t care about the author’s or character’s sex life or what they look like.

2 thoughts on “Crowded Vol. 1 Soft Apocalypse

    1. Usually the art style on the cover is the same inside the book. I can’t check because I return the book to the library and GR doesn’t tell me who did the cover. The art style looks the same inside the book so I’m assuming it the same.


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