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Graphic Novel Recommendation

I got some more graphic novels to recommend. All the graphic novels listed here are going to be for age sixteen and up. About a year ago I made post: Graphic Novels and Where to begin, that has series for kids to read.

By clicking on the book title or the picture will take you to the review.

Stand A lone graphic novels:


A young coops with the death of her mother by befriending a monster that lives in the drainpipes.


Policing the moon can be a lonely job. At least it has the lowest crime rated.

The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying Up: A Magical Story

Marie Kondo’s Life Changing of Tidying up in manga form. It a non-traditional manga, that why it on this list.

Same Difference

Two young adult reflect on how to spin their life after high school


Crowded Vol 1: Soft Apocalypse

Charlie hires a bodyguard after a crowd funding place a bounty on her head.

The Autumnlands Vol. 1: Tooth and Claw

Magic is dying from the world. A hero must be brought from the accent past to bring magic back into the world.

Lady Killer Vol 1.

She is a 50s house wife that knows how to kill.

Sweet Tooth Vol 1. Out of the Woods

A post-apocalypsic world where children are born half animal.

Mouse Guard Vol 1. Fall 1152

The Mouse Guard must find a spy among their rinks before disaster strikes.

The Adventure Zone Vol 1 Here There be Gerblins

Some newbies get together to play D&D. Leading to a hilarious adventure.

Blade of the Immortal Vol 1. Blood of a Thousand

Manji is cause to be immoral until he slays a thousand evil men.

Wordless graphic novels:

Adventures of a Japanese Business Man

Follow a Japanese Business man as he goes on a crazy adventure.


A hilarious anthology collection of monsters doing…what monsters do.

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