Meme · Sunday Post

Sunday Post

Books Review

The Dead Gentlemen by Matthew Cody

Siege and Strom by Leigh Bardugo

Graphic novels review

You Can’t Just Kiss Anyone by Marzena Sowa

The Adventures of a Japanese Businessman by  José Domingo

Crowded Vol. 1 Soft Apocalypse by  Christopher Sebela

Other Blog Post

The Writer’s Hub is still open. Please come join or help spread the word

More Graphic Novels to Read

Movie Reviews

The Hole in the Ground

The Blazing World

Anime Review

The Promise Neverland season one & Two

TV show Review

The X-Files season one

That is all I have for this week. Be sure to visit each post and leave a comment.

Have a great week.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Post

  1. For a long time, I wasn’t a graphic novel reader. But in the last few years I’ve read several that I thought were exceptional. I’m glad you read a lot of graphic novels…I look forward to seeing what you recommend.

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    1. Graphic novels are fun to read. I like the different art styles. Just to let you know my graphic novel recommend post is posted.


    1. It more horrifying when everything comes together. I did a review of watching the fist season for the first time. You can check that out if you want to.


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