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The Promised Neverland Vol. 1

Author: Kaiu Shirai

Genre: Mystery

Summary: Emma, Norman and Ray are the brightest kids at the Grace Field House orphanage. And under the care of the woman, they refer to as “Mom,” all the kids have enjoyed a comfortable life. Good food, clean clothes, and the perfect environment to learn—what more could an orphan ask for? One day, though, Emma and Norman uncover the dark truth of the outside world they are forbidden from seeing.

Review: The book is nothing what I expected the story to be about. The story does stay true to the summary but, does take it further then what is expected. 

 I like the sibling bound all the kids have which each other. Life is so sweet and safe for these kids that there no need to question anything. It makes it all the more horrifying once the truth is found out. I like how Emma, Rick, and Norman try to stay calm and use their brains to find a way for everyone to escape. Reminds me of Light from Death Note and how he tries to stay steps ahead of everyone else. 

You can probably see the “growing up” metaphor. I will take it a step further and say that the story is about once you lose your innocents and see the dangers of the real world. You will have to go out face them because you’re going to faces danger no matter what. 

One reviewer say that is a Peter Pan retelling. I’m sorry but other than the theme of growing up I don’t see the resemblance. A lot of other stories have growing up as a theme. It like saying Harry Potter is a retelling of Peter Pan. Just because Neverland is in the title doesn’t mean it’s a retelling. 

3 thoughts on “The Promised Neverland Vol. 1

  1. I would have thought it’s a Peter Pan Retelling from the title. Good to know it’s not. But it sure looks interesting.

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