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October Wrap-up 2022

From Around the internet & Blog-o-Sphere

Jonathan Pongratz’s graphic novel review: Wake

The Frozen Library Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Bookstores

Review Feed’s review of The Book Thief

Mutant Reviews – movie review of The Signal

The Melodramatic Bookworm did a post on How to Save Money on Books

At Boundary’s Edge wrote about From Pulp to Literary Classic: How We Apply Labels & Why They Matter

The Booktube channel Captured in Words did a list of Fantasy books to read in the Fall

And The Ocean was Our Sky by Patrick Ness

The Saga of Larten Crepsley Book One: Birth of a Killer

Five dark and spooky Podcast to listen to

13 Horror movies that have the right level of Creepiness

Can Books be Effective Horror

Spooky and Chilling books for Young Readers

Should Kids read and watch horror

Paranormal Books that are a Much Read

Crimson Peak


Romancing the Stone

Vampire Hunter D

TV shows and Anime

I am on the fourth season of The X-Files…yay and I am almost on the third season of Lost…double yay. Slowly I’m working on watching season two of Made in Abysses and it beyond words trying to describe what happening in this anime.

That all I have for my wrap-up. Be sure to visit some of these post and leave a comment. Especially on the discussion posts and lists I written. I would to heard other people’s take on these posts. Thank you for anyone that does comment.

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21 thoughts on “October Wrap-up 2022

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  1. I like your monthly wrapup. I often think about highlighting the posts I enjoy, but, somehow, I always forget. Maybe I can start doing this in 2023!

    Romancing the Stone is an old favorite. Silly, yet delightful, too. Time for a revisit!


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