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Tiger Eyes

Genre: realistic fiction POV: 1st person Summary: Davey has never felt so alone in her life. Her father is dead—shot in a holdup—and now her mother is moving the family to New Mexico to try to recover.Climbing in the Los Alamos canyon, Davey meets the mysterious Wolf, who can read Davey’s “sad eyes.” Wolf is the… Continue reading Tiger Eyes

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The Demon’s Mirror

Author: James S. Wallerstein Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Weird fiction POV: 3rd person Summary: A haunted mirror that lays hidden in a cave in the mountains. This is the story of the unlucky souls that find it. Review: Once again another obscure book I find bury in the hoopla app. I have a tendency to read books… Continue reading The Demon’s Mirror

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The Vision by Dean Koontz

Author: Dean R. Koontz Genre: Horror Summary: Mary Bergen aids the police in solving crimes, those that have happened and those that are about to. Now this gifted clairvoyant is using her psychic gift to help track a serial killer. But something terrible from Mary's past has been invading her dreams and she is haunted… Continue reading The Vision by Dean Koontz

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The Girl in the Locked Room: A Ghost Story

Author: Mary Downing Hahn Genre: Paranormal POV: Switches between the 3rd person for the girl and 1st person for Jules. Summary: family moves into an old, abandoned house. Jules\'s parents love the house, but Jules is frightened and feels a sense of foreboding. When she sees a pale face in an upstairs window, though, she… Continue reading The Girl in the Locked Room: A Ghost Story

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How to Make a Serial Killer

Full Title: How to Make a Serial Killer: The Twisted Development of Innocent Children into the World's Most Sadistic Murderers Author: Christopher Berry-Dee, & Steven Morris Genre: Nonfiction, Psychology, True Crime Summary: What makes a serial killer? Do they learn how to killed or are then born killers? A long debated question that will be… Continue reading How to Make a Serial Killer

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The Long Guest

Author: Jennifer Mugrage Genre: Historical fantasy, family saga POV: 1st person from multiple characters.  Series: The Scattering Trilogy, book one Summary: The year is 10,000 B.C. All mankind was united in one project: to build a great city with a magnificent tower that reached to the heavens. But the tower fell; God confused their languages, and… Continue reading The Long Guest

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Universal Harvester

Author: John Darnielle Genre: Horror POV: 3rd person Summary: Life in a small town takes a dark turn when mysterious footage begins appearing on VHS cassettes at the local Video Hut Review: I got this book at the used bookstore. It was on display and the shiny cover caught my attention. From reading the summary,… Continue reading Universal Harvester

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The Demonologist: The Extraordinary Career of Ed and Lorraine Warren

Author: Gerald Brittle Genre: Biography Review: I don't usually read biographies. When I do it is on people, I find interesting. Ed and Lorraine Warren are one of the most interesting couples. Back in the 1940s, they started ghost hunting. Going to houses helping families with hauntings. Mostly staying in the background with their work.… Continue reading The Demonologist: The Extraordinary Career of Ed and Lorraine Warren

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The Circus of Dr. Lao

Author: Charles G. Finney Genre: fantasy, allegory, literary Summary: Come once come twice come all to the amazing circus of Dr. Lao. Here you will amazing creature of myth and lore such as the unicorn, the cinema, and the hound of the hedges. Be warning, The Circus of Dr. Lao is not for those that… Continue reading The Circus of Dr. Lao

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Gulliver’s Travels

  Author: Jonathan Swift Genre: Fantasy POV: 1stperson Format: read the first two parts then switch to audio *Warning* for size-ist. Five inch people are not well represented, and giants are treated as the bad guy **gasp**. None of that is true for what happens in the book. Life doesn’t have trigger warnings, so I… Continue reading Gulliver’s Travels