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Book Blogger Hop

Hosted by Coffee addicted writer Question: Have you ever switched reading genres? If so, why? (submitted by Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer) Answer: Honestly I don't understand the nature of the question. Because I don't read one genre to begin with. I read whatever book interest me at the moment. Right now I'm reading a literary… Continue reading Book Blogger Hop

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Weirdest foods I love

Hosted by Long and Short Reviews This week topic is Weirdest foods you love. Answer: I like eating goat cheese. What I like to do is put some goat cheese and a little cream cheese in the crock pot. Then add some peppers, tomatoes, and a bunches of different herbs. Heat it up and used it… Continue reading Weirdest foods I love

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July Wrap-up

How to make a Serial Killer by Christopher Berry-Dee, & Steven Morris - Read review - So...I read about serial killers. yeah that a thing I do. The Vison by Dean R. Koontz - Read review - Has anyone else read anything by Dean Koontz? What other books of his would you recommend? I have… Continue reading July Wrap-up


Showing my bookshelves

This weeks challenge: Show us your book(s) Oh boy. Are you ready for this? Lo! and behold! My bookshelves: Here some more pictures for a closer look. The lighting is not the best and my shadow got in the way. Top shelf: Middle shelf: Bottom shelf: Nonfiction: That is only the tip of the iceberg… Continue reading Showing my bookshelves

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Blog hop: Books that are hard to find

Blog Hop is a weekly meme hosted by Coffee Addition Writer.  Is there a hard-to-find first-edition that you would love to own? If so, why? (submitted by Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer) Answer: No I don't want any hard to find first editions. I have some books that are said to be hard to find. I… Continue reading Blog hop: Books that are hard to find

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Sunday Post: Showing my garden

For the last two weeks I got to work with tiny humans. My mom is teaching cooking at a summer camp and I'm helping out. These kids are five and six years old and were teaching them how to used the oven and stove. Little kids are fun to work with. Show them how to… Continue reading Sunday Post: Showing my garden

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My favorite movie adaptations

Blog Hop is a weekly meme hosted by Coffee Addition Writer. Since this week prompt is simpler to a previous question and in a way I already answer it. I'm going to back track and do the prompt from the beginning of this month. Question: What is your favorite movie adapted from a book?  Answers:… Continue reading My favorite movie adaptations


Sunday Post: Busy Week

Some question: Also is my sidebar and the do down menu (not the header) on top noticeable enough? Can you tell with post have links to them? My week: So much happen this week. I read and wrote a review on volume two and three of Sweet Tooth. The review will go up sometime this… Continue reading Sunday Post: Busy Week

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Book Blogger Hop: Fiction or nonfiction?

Book Blogger Hop Blog Hop is a weekly meme hosted by Coffee Addition Writer. Last book blog hop. Question: What is your reading preference - fiction or nonfiction? Answer: Why does it have to be one or the other? I don’t have a preferred preference. I read whatever book I have on hand. Let’s compare… Continue reading Book Blogger Hop: Fiction or nonfiction?

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Sunday Post

Books Review The Dead Gentlemen by Matthew Cody Siege and Strom by Leigh Bardugo Graphic novels review You Can't Just Kiss Anyone by Marzena Sowa The Adventures of a Japanese Businessman by  José Domingo Crowded Vol. 1 Soft Apocalypse by  Christopher Sebela Other Blog Post The Writer's Hub is still open. Please come join or help… Continue reading Sunday Post