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Books for Dog lovers

I like dogs. For as long as I can remember I have always been a dog person. I wasn't a reader as a kid and what got me to read was books with animals in them. If it has dogs then I will read it. Here is a list of books for dog lovers old… Continue reading Books for Dog lovers

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The Library: A Catalogue of Wonders

Author: Stuart Kells Genre: non-fiction Summary: A love letter to libraries and to their makers and protectors, a celebration of books as objects, and an account of how the idea of the library continues to possess our imagination. Libraries are much more than mere collections of volumes. The best are magical, fabled places whose fame has… Continue reading The Library: A Catalogue of Wonders

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The City of Dreaming Books

Author: Walter Mores Genre: Fantasy POV: 1st told from the view of Optimus Yarnspinner Summary: After his godfather’s death, Optimus Yarnspinner much go to Bookholm to track down an author who wrote a strange meanspirited. Soon Yarnspinner falls prey to the city’s evil genius who traps Yarnspinner in the pearliest labyrinth beneath Bookholm. Review:  “…the… Continue reading The City of Dreaming Books

Monthly wrap up

March Wrap-up

The second Writer's Hub link-up party is now open. If you have a peace of creativity writing be that poetry, short story, or WIP you would like to share. The Writer's Hub is the place to link up and reach a wider audience. 2022 April Writer's Hub link-up Here Part one of Song of the… Continue reading March Wrap-up


Unhauling Some Books

For every action there is an opposite reaction. Since I show book that I have haul it only fair to show that I'm going to un-haul. There are a few reason why am unhauling and I will break those down into three different sections. Books I have read: The Finisher and it's sequel, The Keeper… Continue reading Unhauling Some Books

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Back the to the Future Tag

I got this tag from Reader's Anonymous and the original came from Getting Through Anxiety. I wasn't tag but, I don't care because no one want to tag me.  Name a movie/book/show that makes you want to go back in time when you were younger and enjoy it all over again. I going to has to go with… Continue reading Back the to the Future Tag

Monthly wrap up

February Wrap up

I didn't read or watch a lot this month. Then again February is the shortest month. Not a lot of stuff is going to get done. Just a reminder don't shave off your goatee yet. We're still in the dark timeline. Normal People by Sally Rooney - See my review Review for this boring and… Continue reading February Wrap up

Year in books

2021 Year in Books

20,902 pages read 85 books read Average book length in 2021  245 pages MY 2021 BOOKS Overall I have had a good reading year. I started out reading some light fantasy and some non-fiction. Yes, I read political books. It saddens me that people see each other for the politics they follow and not for being human… Continue reading 2021 Year in Books