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July Wrap-up

How to make a Serial Killer by Christopher Berry-Dee, & Steven Morris - Read review - So...I read about serial killers. yeah that a thing I do. The Vison by Dean R. Koontz - Read review - Has anyone else read anything by Dean Koontz? What other books of his would you recommend? I have… Continue reading July Wrap-up


June Wrap-up 2022

A lot has been going on and I just don't feel like reading any books in June. I am currently finishing up a nonfiction book and reading through a new release. In which I'm not going to mention the title because that all people are going to comment on. For now I am putting The… Continue reading June Wrap-up 2022

Monthly wrap up

May Wrap-up 2022

The Writer's Hub for June is now open. If you have a peace of caritive writing that you would like to share. Than please come by and link up. Misery by Stephen King Lady Killer Vol 1. The Adventure Zone Vol 1 Here There be Gerbins The Three Thieves Vol 1. Tower of Treasure Sweet… Continue reading May Wrap-up 2022

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April 2022 Monthly Wrap-up

I didn't read a lot of books or watch a lot of movies. Usually I do more of one or the other in a month. Zodiac by Romina Russell -DNF this one. See my review as to why. The Prince Who Fell From the Sky by John Claude Bemis - A book I would recommend to… Continue reading April 2022 Monthly Wrap-up

Monthly wrap up

March Wrap-up

The second Writer's Hub link-up party is now open. If you have a peace of creativity writing be that poetry, short story, or WIP you would like to share. The Writer's Hub is the place to link up and reach a wider audience. 2022 April Writer's Hub link-up Here Part one of Song of the… Continue reading March Wrap-up

Monthly wrap up

February Wrap up

I didn't read or watch a lot this month. Then again February is the shortest month. Not a lot of stuff is going to get done. Just a reminder don't shave off your goatee yet. We're still in the dark timeline. Normal People by Sally Rooney - See my review Review for this boring and… Continue reading February Wrap up

Monthly wrap up

January Monthly Wrap-up 2021

The month started out find with reading. Near the end I begin to have problems with my eyes. My left eye is for some reason been swollen for the past week. Because of that I can't get any reading done. I finish The Martian Chronicles. Only because I was listening to it on audio. I… Continue reading January Monthly Wrap-up 2021

Monthly wrap up

December Wrap-up

Happy New Year everyone. Hopefully we will be out of the dark timeline in 2022. H2O by Virginia Bergin - This is a fun book to read where the main character actually has a personality. Because of that people may not like the main character. The story is a general survival story that not big… Continue reading December Wrap-up

Monthly wrap up

November Wrap-up 2021

Great news!! I started my own link-up party for the holidays. If you like sitting by the fire and reading a good ghost story then come join A Very Dickson Charismas link-up party. Books Read: DuneApocalypse Now Now Short Story: I have no mouth and I must Scream by Harlan Ellison   Graphic Novel: The Autumnlands Vol one Book… Continue reading November Wrap-up 2021