The X-Files: First Season First Impression

This is a new series that will be added to the blog. Even though I don't like watching TV shows. The reason being that shows has to not only grab my interest but hold it for as long as possible. For me to watch all the season of a show from beginning to end is something. The first season of The X-files have me hook.

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The Greywalker

Author: Kat Richardson Genre:¬†Paranormal, Mystery, Urban fantasy Series: Greywalker book one POV: 1st person Summary: After dying for two minutes Harper can now see into what is know as the Grey a place between life and death. Pretty much Harper life has change. Taking up a missing person case she ends up having to deal with vampires.  Review:¬†I had… Continue reading The Greywalker

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Poltergeist (Greywalker #2)

Author: Kat Richardson Genre: Paranormal, mystery, urban fantasy POV: 1st person Summary:  Harper's been hired by a university research group that is attempting to create an artificial poltergeist. The head researcher suspects someone is faking the phenomena, but Harper's investigation reveals something else entirely - they've succeeded. And when one of the group's members is killed in a brutal… Continue reading Poltergeist (Greywalker #2)

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So You want to Hunt Ghosts? A Down to Earth Guide

Author: Deonna Kelli Sayed Genre: Nonfiction, Field guide Summary: This essential manual provides a detailed breakdown of every step on your ghost hunting journey. Explore the fascinating work of seminal figures in the history of paranormal investigation. Learn how to build a cohesive team and choose your first supernatural case. Discover crucial advice on the latest… Continue reading So You want to Hunt Ghosts? A Down to Earth Guide

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America’s Most Haunted Hotels

Author: Jamie Davis Whitmer Genre: Non-fiction, travel Summary: This is the travel-log of Jamie and Robert traveling around America and exploring the most haunted hotels. Review: I like reading about ghost and haunted places. Do I believe in ghost? Well...I'm a skeptic with an X-files poster of an UFO and big lettering saying: I want to… Continue reading America’s Most Haunted Hotels

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The Night Tourist

Author: Katherine Marsh Genre: ghost story Age: Teens POV: 3rdperson Summary: Jack Perdu lives with his father on the Yale University campus. Smart and introverted, Jack spends most of his time alone, his nose buried in a book. But when Jack suffers a near fatal accident, his life is forever changed. His father sends him… Continue reading The Night Tourist

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Jailbait Zombie

Author: Mario Acevedo Genre: Paranormal, Mystery POV: 1stperson Series: Felix Gomez book 4 Summary: Vampire detective Felix Gomez has seen a lot of weird things since becoming one of the undead. Now he comes face-to-face with the worst sort of undead. To stop a ravenous army of zombies, Gomez must team up with a precocious… Continue reading Jailbait Zombie

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Norman 2; The Ture Story of a Possessed Doll’s Revenge

Author: Stephen Lancaster Genre: Non-fiction, memoir, parapsychology Note: Some people don't understand what make a books like this non-fiction. The book documents real people, places, and historical events. The paranormal in question is debatable. When you see books like this in the non-fiction section of the library it because the historical facts are what make… Continue reading Norman 2; The Ture Story of a Possessed Doll’s Revenge